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H.N.I.C Steps Down from Microsoft June 28, 2008

Posted by Einar Rowan in Microsoft.
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The head nerd in charge, William Henry Gates the 3rd, has officially stepped down from Microsoft on June 27th, 2008. He introduced us to personal computing, I can vividly remember the years spent working on a 486/DX NEC Windows 3.1 desktop using a 56Kbps USRobitics modem and AOL back in the early 1990’s. He introduced us to Direct X, allowing a generation of kids to vent our angst against virtual baddies on our Windows 95 boxes, popping off head shots with deadly precision, using the original Monster 3D 8mb dedicated graphics cards. Windows 98 really started the evolution to the next level of computing with the Quake 3D and Half -Life series of games, Windows 98 really felt different than 95, 95 felt more like 3.1 with a different graphical user theme. With the introduction of Windows 2000 we were blessed with wireless Internet, high speed USB ports, and better TCP/IP network functionality.

Bill Gates and Microsoft really hit it big with their next OS, Windows XP Professional. It has become the defacto standard for business machines and support for XP will continue well into 2014. Then all of a sudden Microsoft Vista is released and touted as the next big OS, and boy how they were wrong. Thanks to Vista, Apple’s market share in the Personal Computing market is steadily rising and XP is still in demand. Although I refuse to use Vista as my primary OS (Mac OS X has taken over this role for me) it not a terrible OS as some people say. New releases from the Linux community like Ubuntu, OS X Leopard, and the Netbooks are beginning to show the kinks in Microsoft’s armor.

I hope Bill Gates retirement does not mean the beginning of the end of Microsoft, just look at the history of Def Jam records after Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin left and maybe there is still hope. I hear from a lot of haters that Mac OS X is to simple but do we really want to use something as complicated as Vista? Microsoft better recognize that simplicity is in and bloatware is out, quality and design do attribute for something, and that nobody wants to have a Zune Phone.